The American Indian Center Gallery is dedicated to meeting the needs of community by providing a vehicle for artistic expression by taking a leadership role in the cultivation, exhibition and dissemination of historical and contemporary Native histories in Chicago.  The American Indian Center Gallery is dedicated to Native American First Voice Art.

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AIC Gallery


Open Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm

Gallery/Exhibit Group Tours (Minimum 5) available

Contact Dave Spencer for group rate info at spencer@aicchicago.org

3401 West Ainslie, Chicago, Illinois 60625        1st Floor - ADA Accessible


Gallery Build in Progress


Everybody Dance!  Seven Decades of Chicago Powwows @ AIC Gallery, November 2017 ("Industrial Installation") - February 2018 (Completed Walls Installation)


[The] Native Art Seen Opening Reception, April 27, 2018 @ AIC Gallery


AIC Gallery Exhibit Calendar 2018-2019

Chicago Native Youth Exhibit - August-October 2018

Urban Sovereignty at the Center - American Indian Center Retrospective Part One - November 2018-February 2019