Help Chicago Divest from DAPL

[Photo Credit: International Indigenous Youth Council - Chicago Chapter]

[Photo Credit: International Indigenous Youth Council - Chicago Chapter]

Dear Member,

It's time to crank up our #NoDAPL Chicago campaign and get our city to divest from Dakota Access Pipeline banks! Last week, it was reported that the Dakota Access Pipeline had it's second pipeline leak in North Dakota spilling over a 1000 gallons of oil. Now let's put our frustrations into action. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to help us schedule a meeting with YOUR local Alderman (aka city council member). We currently have an order in play for Chicago to divest from DAPL and we need the support from as many city council members as possible. You can read the order here. [][2]

Call to action: Contact your neighborhood city council member and have them schedule a meeting with IL-Water Protectors, and Indigenous Leadership (including yourself) from the Chicago community. Several council members have already signed on as cosponsors, so if they say they support it, say "thank you" but also ask them what they are doing to get it passed. The kind of support we need comes with accountability. Every call helps!

Step 1: Find out your ward and alderman using your street address using the City of Chicago website.

Step 2: Make the call. Below is a sample script you can use or alter as needed.

"Hi I am _ a constituent in your ward and I am calling you to schedule a meeting with the Alderman. This is in regards to Order 2017-207, the order for Chicago to divest in the Dakota Access pipeline." Schedule a time that is most convenient for you.

Step 3: [Let us know how it went by filling out this form:

Water Protectors! Keep up the good work! Mni Wiconi!