In Memory of Lynne Wendler

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Lynne Wendler. Lynne has been associated with the AIC since 2010, volunteering in the Social Services department and offering her writing skills to the AIC grant effort. In Spring 2011, Lynne became an AIC Development Associate, successfully securing grants for education, wellness and hunger relief programs - ensuring a meaningful future for children and families of the Chicago Native community.

Lynne went above and beyond her work capacity by assisting community youth with grassroots fundraising and pro-bono fundraising for myriad community endeavors. She also provided advocacies for Native and health issues, especially towards cancer research. In her time at the AIC, Lynne’s contribution was immeasurable and infinite. She was the epitome of generosity and a diligent humanitarian.

Lynne, although you will be severely missed, we will see you again. Lynne…THANK YOU.

AIC Staff and Board

A Letter from the Interim Executive Director

Hello AIC Chicago Membership and Community,
For over 60 years the AIC has been serving needs and hosting dinners, events and community gatherings of various sizes for many wonderful reasons.
We have seen the opening and closing of many Native organizations, like the American Indian Economic Development Association (AIEDA), Chicago's Native American Urban Indian Retreat (CNAUIR), and our beloved St. Augustine's Center, the first to open after the AIC over 50 years ago.
As we have seen, meeting needs and offering services is only a very small way to describe the essence of the AIC.
It is COMMUNITY. Community coming together to support one another; Coming together to celebrate the newest baby members and pay respects to those who have walked on to the spirit world. Yet their spirits live on in this community, through the love and respect we have for each other, they live on. We see them in the eyes of our fellow members. We hear them in the voices, laughter and the thousands upon thousands of songs that have been sung in our tribal halls.
We will continue to push ahead, to support all our hard working, dedicated staff and volunteers of all our community organizations, as we create new programs and deliver new services from any building we may be calling home. We will keep on smiling, arguing, eating and singing together as one Native Community.
Because after all, it is our land and will always be Indian Land.

Thank You,

Vincent Romero