Professional Development Packages

Our programs benefit both Native and non-Native students and educators. While our professional development programs have different focal content areas, each program is informed by two main goals: 1) To improve and support teachers & schools abilities to teach, work with, and support American Indian students and their families; 2) To improve and support teachers abilities to teach about American Indians.

All of our trainings are designed to support teachers in meeting their teaching requirements as laid out by the Illinois State Standards. In addition, programs can be tailored to the individual content area and learning objectives of the teacher and grade-level. We also welcome the opportunity to expand our current programming to meet the specific needs of each student, teacher or organization.

At this time the American Indian Center’s Education Department is working on compiling an updated list of PDs, Presentations and workshops focused on student-empowering social justice pedagogy and programs aim to support educators in developing a pedagogical vision that integrates land-based education.

For Information & Inquiries Contact:
Fawn Pochel